Drink Supplements

Energy Drink Supplements- How Exactly Do They Work?

Energy drink supplements consist of a multitude of substances, which can be blended together or taken separately. Most energy drinks are sold in bottles and mixed with water, while others work best as pills, shots, or powders. They give you a burst of energy that lasts for hours and helps your body sustain physical activity.

What is an Energy Drink?

An energy drink’s primary function is to make your day more productive by giving you the adrenaline boost necessary to stay focused on tasks at hand. It was originally intended solely for people who participated in leisure sports and physically demanding activities, but it has since become a popular beverage for anyone looking for a quick boost. Its ingredients do more than just wake you up; they also improve your mood and mental capabilities to help you stay focused on your work, no matter how boring or mundane it may be.

Drink Supplements
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Ingredients in Energy Drink Supplements

Energy drinks can contain a variety of ingredients that vary depending on the manufacturer’s recipe and target market. In order to stay within the law and avoid a fine for violating the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, energy drink manufacturers must keep their products safe to consume. Supplements vary by what ingredients are included, how much caffeine they contain and how that caffeine is absorbed.

Caffeine is an ingredient found in energy drinks that many consumers equate to increased energy levels. Some energy drinks even come with a free cup of coffee or tea with their purchase so you can truly get a boost from your energy drink. An energy drink can contain anywhere between 10 to 80 milligrams of caffeine per ounce, depending on the individual brand and the market. Some supplements will also have caffeine as a secondary ingredient, which is often labeled as an added ingredient in the ingredients list with no specific amount listed.

Xanthine (as caffeine or a stimulant) is the main ingredient in most energy drinks and works to aid in the absorption of other ingredients. Xanthine is also the only ingredient in products that are advertised as energy shots or tablets. Caffeine acts as a stimulant by releasing dopamine and noradrenaline into your brain. This causes your blood pressure to increase and your heart to start pumping faster, which pumps more oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Your eyes also begin to dilate, allowing more light to enter them, which lets you experience enhanced visual acuity.