Are Embossed Business Cards Better?

No matter what kind of colors you decide to use on your business cards and regardless of the kind of design elements you would prefer to add to them, there is a pretty good chance that the text that they are supposed to show to others will be your primary concern. The whole point of having business cards is to convey details about your brand, so everything else should take a backseat while you sort this foundational issue out once and for all.

All of the text on your Metal Kards which would include your name, phone number, company name and several other details can be printed out with ink if that is what you desire. However, the truth of the situation is that ink based printing tends to fall well short of the result that embossing can send in your general direction. This is because of the fact that embossing makes the text and the card feel like a singular unit instead of separate entities that are coexisting with each other. Embossing also has the bonus benefit of lasting much longer than ink which can get scraped off over time.

Perhaps the most pertinent benefit of embossed cards is that they can make you seem like a true C-Suite executive. The fact of the matter is that only members of the upper crust are given embossed cards by their companies, so you can make yourself seem like one of them if you use a similar variety. That can help you in your attempts at securing funding, as well as give you some prestige in the business community that you are operating within the confines of at this precise moment.