How to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time?

Personal electronic devices, which were once restricted to TVs and PCs, now include tablets, smartphones, and laptops, which are portable and easy to use. At the same time, this technology broadens the educational experience. It also allows children to study in new ways.

Many children spend six or seven hours on screens due to homework, social networking, video games, and YouTube videos. As a result, it comes with a few major drawbacks, such as depression, anxiety, and disrupted sleep, among various other concerns.

The most effective strategy to protect your children is to find a balance between screen time and real-life human interaction. Also, a mobile tracker can help you monitor your child’s daily activity and enable you to determine the boundaries you may need to set.

The Advantages of Screen Time

In addition to playing as a means for information, screens and digital technologies provide the following benefits:

1 – They serve as a means of communication with friends and family.

2 – Smartphone apps can help encourage children to engage in healthy habits such as regular exercise, healthy food choices, and better sleep.

3 – Screens promote learning. Some screen activities help children acquire new knowledge in engaging ways.

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The Drawbacks of Screen Time

While screens are a simple way to access information and maintain relationships, they also have several disadvantages:

1 – Younger children’s language development may be slowed by screen use. A child may learn words by using a screen, but it cannot give the feedback required for children to develop and use language.

2- They stifle innovative thinking. In homes where screens are prominent, creative activities such as playing with play dough, drawing and crafting, stacking blocks, and reading tangible books take a back place.

3 – They prevent the development of social skills. Some children grow so engrossed in their devices that they cannot act socially appropriately when the screens are away.

How can Parental Control App Help Your Child with Screen Time?

It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of how your child spends their time and the impact that screens play on their health and well-being. Thus, the use of parental control app can help you to monitor your child’s activities. It will further help you to determine the areas you need to set restrictions for your child. It may even alarm you of any red flags.

A mobile tracker commonly provides the following features:

1 – WhatsApp Tracking

With the help of the WhatsApp tracker apk, you will have access to your child’s WhatsApp messages and call history tracking logs. It will help you understand who they are talking or texting.

2 – Location Tracking

Location Tracking integrates with any smartphone and provides you with your child’s exact location. You may use our mobile GPS tracker to monitor their locations when they are out with friends or traveling between home and school.

3 – Browsing History Tracking

You have all the freedom to know what your child is browsing on the internet. You can even block any URL from your side from letting kids access it.

To Conclude

Your child’s screen time usage is based on various factors, and with the help of Kids Tracker, you can track their phone remotely and help find the screen time balance.